Call for Proposals - Sai Kung District Council Funds for Community Involvement Projects – Issues on Feral Pigeon in Sai Kung


The Working Group on Situation of Animals and the Environment in the District under the Environmental Hygiene, Climate Change, Agriculture and Fisheries Committee of the Sai Kung District Council is now inviting proposals from tertiary institutions under the Sai Kung District Council Funds for Community Involvement Projects with an aim to solve the hygiene and community issues caused by feral pigeons congregating in Sai Kung.  Please refer to the relevant survey (available only in Chinese version) on such issue.




The Working Group, via conducting scientific and systematic survey, intends to collect the following information to facilitate the discussion on the issue and for the follow-up work of the relevant government departments:

  1. the data on the congregating and the living habits of the feral pigeons in the Sai Kung District (areas covering Hang Hau, Po Lam and Tiu Keng Leng);
  2. the effective solutions on tackling the issues with non-intrusive measures to alleviate the environmental hygiene problems and the nuisance caused;
  3. the impact on other feral bird species if adopting contraceptive drugs in bird feeds and etc.


  1. 西貢區內(即坑口,寶林及調景嶺一帶)野鴿的聚集情況及相關生活習慣的數據;
  2. 在樓宇密集的城市環境有效應對野鴿的方法,並以非傷害性的方式驅鴿,達到人鴿共存,減少環境衞生及滋擾問題;及
  3. 使用避孕糧控制野鴿數量對區內受保護野鳥(例如珠頸斑鳩)直接及間接的影響等。 

Full-time Academic Staff


Funding Limit
Not Specified


Project Period
Within 3 years


Application Procedure
Applicants please complete the Application Form and submit to the Research Office.


Internal Deadline
23 September 2020


RO: Mickey Pat (Email:, Tel: 3469 2822)

Sai Kung DC: Mr Donald Kwok (Email:, Tel: 3740 5291)


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Faculty and staff
Research Office on behalf of Sai Kung District Council

Mickey Pat (Email:, Tel: 3469 2822)

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