Tips For Music Appreciation - Episode 2 - Medieval – Let there be light
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網上影片系列 - 音樂欣賞小錦囊 
Online Music Video Series - Tips For Music Appreciation



There are different ways to listen to and appreciate music. One of those is by comparing different genres of arts, e.g. painting, architecture and literature, within the same period, in order to materialize this most abstract form of arts. Besides hearing, this allows us to see, and even touch the compositions and eventually learn about the underlying meaning.

The four 15-minute episodes of “Tips for Music Appreciation” will introduce the major stylistic changes from Medieval to Baroque period. As stated above, we will compare different forms of arts within each period, hoping that the audience will get a glimpse of the main features of music and arts in the past millennium.


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第一輯 中世紀 (450-1000) — 黑暗時期 (已上載 - 11/11)
Episode 1 Medieval (450-1000) – The Dark Ages (Released -11/11)

第二輯 中世紀 (1000-1450) — 晨曦初現 (已上載 - 18/11)
Episode 2 Medieval (1000-1450 ) – Let there be light (Released -18/11)

第三輯 文藝復興時期 (1450-1600) —人文主義
Episode 3 Renaissance (1450-1600) – Humanism

第四輯 巴羅克時期 (1600-1750) — 奇異的珍珠
Episode 4 Baroque (1600-1750) — The bizarre pearl




李國麒 LEE Kwok Ki Joseph


除在報章和音響雜誌刊登文章外,李氏亦經常為康樂文化署和香港管弦樂團撰寫音樂會場刊,並曾與香港管弦樂團合作出版「浪漫之後」音樂欣賞小冊和鐳射唱片;此外,亦曾為寶麗金唱片公司編撰「WHY」、「WHY KLAVIER」及「PASSPORT TO MUSIC」等極為暢銷的鐳射唱片,對古典音樂的普及和推廣可謂不遺餘力。

Lee Kwok Ki Joseph graduated in CUHK and later pursued his studies at Northwestern University in the US. In the past decades, Joseph has given numerous talks for the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Music Office, Hong Kong Arts Library, Hong Kong Museum of History and many local institutes and schools. In addition, Joseph has also produced and conducted radio programmes on music appreciation for RTHK Radio 4, compiled classical CDs and wrote listening guides for bestselling classical compilation titles, including “Why”, “Why Klavier” and “Passport to Music”.






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