ResLife Mascot Challenge 2020
12:00pm - 5:00pm
ResLife, HKUST
ResLife Mascot Competition 2020

The WINNER can receive HK$1,000 coupons of his/her own choice!!
Voters can enter a lucky draw to win supermarket cash coupons! (10 quotas)

Submission deadline: 19 March 2020

Entry Criteria

  • Open to all HKUST students
  • Individual or group submission are both accepted but only one submission is allowed for each individual/group 
  • Think out of the box and no limitation to current HKUST’s style/landmark 
  • Characteristics of Mascot must be POSITIVE, for example: all-rounded, well-being, peaceful, cheerful etc… 

Submission criteria
Mascot proposal should be submitted in a PDF format of A4 size (file size lower than 3MB) with your SID as file name and includes the following: 

Design of the mascot (2 pages or more)

  • Created using design or drawing software
  • A full-page-size coloured mascot (front perspective) with at least 72ppi 
  • Mascot should be posed in its natural way and positive facial expression 
  • SHRLO logo should be embedded on the mascot 
  • Design of the mascot in 6 different perspectives, portrayed in 6 perspectives: front, rear, right, left, top and bottom, presented in one full-colour page
  • Extra designs of mascot’s facial expressions/poses (Optional)

Mascot profile (1 page)
Overall description of the Mascot in around 200 words in English or less, including but not limited to the following: 
(i) Mascot’s name; (ii) Character features; (iii) Relationship with HKUST 

Submitted designs that correspond to any of the following items will be disqualified: 

  • Scanned or soft copy of paper hand-drawn designs 
  • Assigned with any gender, race and religion 
  • Include or imply any discrimination messages 
  • Intellectual rights infringement 
  • Cause confusion as other existing mascots 
  • Published publicly on any platform including social media 
  • Include any information from which the identity of the designer is ascertainable 
Selection Process
All designs will enter the preliminary stage and rate by the selection committee, formed by different parties in the SHRL community. Each committee member will hold equal credit and status during the selection. The best 3 designs will be voted by all current HKUST members and the design with the highest votes will WIN!

Applicants might be required to provide more information and design file during final selection period. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at
If you are ready, SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN HERE!
12:00pm - 5:00pm
ResLife, HKUST
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