Repair Parties
9:30am - 3:30pm
Room 2590, ISDN Studio, via Lift 27/28

Repair Parties are bi-monthly free community-based repair events that REMAKE holds at HKUST with a fun, collaborative spirit. We thrive on skill-sharing and collaborative learning to fix technology and our relationship with it. By joining our Repair Parties you will learn how to fix your own device (don’t worry, we’ll help you out!) while discovering all about sustainability and the Right to Repair. Join us now and #Unbreak Your Device. 

Don’t have anything that needs fixing? That’s totally cool - come around and mingle with us! We’ll still show you how to fix stuff! Plus, we also have the best music playlist on campus (fact).

Want to sign up to a Repair Party? Head to our website and fill out the form! 

If you were a bit late and quotas are already full, that’s alright! You may still come as a walk-in and will be attended by one of our technicians subject to availability. 

Got any questions? Reach us through InstagramFacebook or email (! 

9:30am - 3:30pm
Room 2590, ISDN Studio, via Lift 27/28
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