Multi-state Constraint Kalman Filter Based Visual Inertial Navigation System for Monocular, Stereo and RGB-D Cameras
Room 2407 (Lifts 17-18), 2/F Academic Building, HKUST

Thesis Examination Committee

Prof Jungwon SEO, MAE/HKUST (Chairperson)
Prof Ling SHI, ECE/HKUST (Thesis Supervisor)
Prof Lu FANG, ECE/HKUST (Thesis Co-supervisor)



Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), serving as a fundamental technology in various areas such as robotics, autonomous driving, augmented reality (AR), etc., has been investigated in the past decades, yet it remains challenging in terms of robustness. While recent trend of fusing visual and inertial information via nonlinear optimization has demonstrated impressive performance, monocular optimization-based Visual-Inertial Navigation System (VINS) still suffers from failure cases especially with consumer-level sensors, as well as high computation complexity.

In this thesis, we start by implementing the monocular VINS based on the Multi State Constraint Kalman Filter (MSCKF), followed by various extensions, in terms of extrinsic calibration, observability constraint, handling the degraded motion, etc., leading to more accurate and practical solutions. We further extend the monocular MSCKF based VINS to stereo and RGBD cameras which benefits the robustness due to the multiple sensors fusion.

Extensive experiments reflect that the MSCKF based VINS achieves competitive performance and robustness compared with state of the art optimization-based VINS, while maintaining much lower computational complexity. We conclude by disclosing the potential of the proposed system to fuse more sensor sources such as laser, wheel odometer and sonar sensor, to incorporate functional modules such as pose graph optimization, loop closure and ultra-robust visual front end via deep learning framework.

Room 2407 (Lifts 17-18), 2/F Academic Building, HKUST
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Minjian PANG
Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering
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