IAS / SSCI Joint Lecture - Catalytic Alkyne Chemistry: New Paradigms and Applications
4:00pm - 5:30pm
Cheung On Tak Lecture Theater (LT-E), HKUST



In this lecture, the speaker intends to showcase some unconventional ways of harnessing the reactivity of alkynes via highly selective metal-catalyzed transformations. After a short review of his work in the area of triple bond metathesis, some unorthodox transformations of internal alkynes will be discussed in detail.


Specifically, the use of carbophilic Lewis acids based on gold or platinum provides many opportunities for the selective functionalization of triple bonds. The main part of this presentation, however, will be focused on the development, mechanistic analysis and application of a set of unconventional ruthenium-catalyzed trans-addition reactions, including trans-hydrogenation, trans-hydroboration, and trans-hydrostannation.


Selected applications of these reactions to the total synthesis of structurally diverse and biologically relevant natural products are meant to showcase the current state of development.


About the speaker


Prof. Alois Fürstner obtained his PhD in Chemistry from the Graz University of Technology in 1987. He then furthered his postdoctoral research in the University of Geneva and joined the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung as a Group Leader in 1993. In 1998, he was promoted to the rank of Director of the Institute.


Prof. Fürstner’s research interests focus on organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis, including applications thereof to target oriented synthesis. An early success was the development of the first NHK-reactions catalytic in chromium and of a variant of the Suzuki coupling (“9-MeO-9-BBN variant”), both used in industry. Further notable lines of research comprise include alkene- and alkyne metathesis, pioneering contributions to the field to platinum and gold catalysis, the development of iron-catalyzed cross coupling, mechanistically unconventional trans-addition reactions to pi-bonds, and metal-carbene chemistry in general. These methods have been scrutinized by applications to the total synthesis of many complex natural products.


Prof. Fürstner received numerous awards including the Herbert C. Brown Award for Creative Research in Synthetic Methods by the American Chemical Society (2016), the Karl-Ziegler-Prize by the German Chemical Society (2013), the Prelog Medal by ETH Zürich (2011), the Janssen Pharmaceutica Prize for Creativity in Organic Synthesis (2008), the Otto-Bayer-Prize (2006), and the first Mukaiyama Award (2005). He was also elected a Member of the German National Academy of Sciences “Leopoldina” and a Corresponding Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

4:00pm - 5:30pm
Cheung On Tak Lecture Theater (LT-E), HKUST
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