GSCI Seminar - Designing a Humanistic Smart City: an Architectural Perspective
2:30pm - 4:00pm
Rm 6558, Academic Building (lift 27-30)

The notion of smart city has been known to many of its technological “smartness”. While technology leap has opened up many possibilities that offers a promising vision to future cities, it is the humanistic spirit at its core, driven by the needs and living experience of the citizens, that defines and informs how our future cities look like. Mr MK Leung, Director of Sustainability at Ronald Lu & Partners, will provide us a people-centric approach to the idea of smart city, where technology and urban design can work together for the betterment of urban life. He will offer some insights on how community engagement and public policy in data standardization can play a vital role in urban design and management for future cities.

2:30pm - 4:00pm
Rm 6558, Academic Building (lift 27-30)
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Speakers / Performers:
Mr MK Leung
Ronald Lu & Partners

MK is an award-winning architect and laureate of the first Singapore Institute of Architects-Uniseal G-Architect Award in 2014, a director of HKGBC since 2016, Panel Chair of Site Aspects of Technical Review Committee of BEAM Society Limited and a member of Green Building Faculty of HKGBC since 2012.  He is highly recognized for his specialized knowledge and integrated design skills in sustainable building design for his projects, ranging from high-performance new buildings, green retrofit of existing buildings, sustainability master planning and research.

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