The Electronic World (Drones & Flying Cameras of DJI)
18:00 to 19:20
Lecture Theatre J

Summary of the talk:

A brief induction on how electronic engineering is related to our daily life, and how electronic engineering has changed the way we live.

A brief introduction of what inside a camera drone will be given to illustrate the beauty and power of the electronic engineering.

18:00 to 19:20
Lecture Theatre J
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Mingyu Wang is the Vice President of Research and Development for DJI. Mingyu leads the global R&D engineering teams, which have developed dozens of breakthrough products and solutions. He has played an instrumental role in the development of DJI’s innovation portfolio. Under his leadership, DJI’s R&D team continues to lead the industry, brining evolving innovation and technology to the next level.

Mingyu joined DJI in 2012 to lead and manage the initial camera team, which helped DJI expand from the hobbyist market to the mass consumer market. Mingyu was the product manager of Phantom 2 Vision and Phantom 2 Vision+. The Phantom 2 Vision was described as “the rough flying equivalent of the Apple II” by Michael Moritz, the chairman of Sequoia Capital. Phantom 2 Vision+ was awarded as one of the Top 10 gadgets of 2014 by the TIME magazine.

Before joining DJI, Mingyu commercialized his Final Year Project in HKUST and founded the first company using unmanned boat for water sampling and monitoring in China.   
Mingyu received his Bachelor and MPhil degrees from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Electronic Engineering in 2009, and 2012 respectively.  He attended Lehigh University as an exchange student in 2007. During Mingyu's study at HKUST, he has won many prizes including the Gold Award of HKUST President's Cup and Champion of Hong Kong YDC E-Challenge Competition. Mingyu now has more than 300 patents globally.

Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering
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